Change in Diabetes Appointments

Our practice is changing the way we support people with Type 2 Diabetes.  We are endeavouring to see patients annually in their month of birth.

 The new service is called Year of Care.

 We are inviting you to attend two appointments.

Please Note: When arriving at the surgery for this appointment please ask the care navigator at the front desk for a container for a urine sample which you will need to give to the clinician when they see you.

  The first appointment is your Annual Checks Appointment.

In this appointment we will complete all the checks that tell us how things are going with you, including blood and urine tests, as well as foot and blood pressure checks. We will then book your to a second appointment known as your Care and Support Planning Appointment.    

 This appointment will be different to appointments you have had previously with your Doctor or Nurse. You will have an opportunity to review your progress and to discuss the things that are most important to you. You will also make a plan with diabetic clinician for managing your diabetes over the next year. Following your appointment, with your diabetic clinician will give you a copy of the plan you make.

 If your birth month is between April and July and you have not yet been invited for your annual review, you will contacted in the upcoming months to arrange an appointment.

 We are grateful for your co-operation whilst we change to our new system. We look forward to seeing you at your first appointment.

Published on 8 July 2024